A Natural Journey

Issue: Accelerated healing and pain control

In December 2008, I was scheduled for my first ever surgery, for a condition that had persisted for many years. In preparation for this surgery, a very detailed, Clinical Hypnotherapy therapeutic script was prepared for me and shared by Suzanne Haik-Hynes of A Natural Journey, LLC. This script was deliberately crafted to address my subconscious responses to the pre surgical processes; the many levels of the surgery; post surgical accelerated healing; and, the intuitive acceptance of my body of the new connections made within it, including my body’s very positive response to anesthesia. We went through the Hypnotherapy process, with Suzanne’s prepared script, about three times prior to my surgery.

I was very comfortable going into surgery on the morning of surgery where Suzanne, as agreed, shared with me her therapeutic Hypnotherapy script in the pre-operating room. At the end of my surgical procedure, my doctor told Suzanne to have me be aware of the discomfort that I would experience in my shoulders after surgery and that, the anesthesia would probably cause me to be unable to have full meals for a couple of days.

As a result of Suzanne’s Clinical Hypnotherapy script and process with me, I left the hospital that day, very comfortable; without any pain or discomfort in my shoulders; and more surprising to my doctor when I went back for my follow up visit was that, within a half hour of returning home, I ate two full bowls of thick home made split pea soup, comfortably [unaffected by the doctor’s concerns of these things]. It is often very unusual for anyone to eat right after surgery and general anesthesia – especially as this was my first surgical process. My doctor was very surprised that I was able to have two bowls of thick split pea soup right after surgery and that I regained full functions, immediately after surgery. Within a week, I was feeling healthy and comfortable, and, able to leave for my training programs in Japan. I was even comfortable and healthy enough to lift my luggage at that time.