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About Us

A Natural Journey, LLC, is owned and operated by Suzanne Haik-Hynes, a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Master Hypnotist.

Suzanne holds MBA and BA Degrees, and brings her many, many, years of service in Business and Industry to her work as a Hypnotist, and Hypnotherapist, in working with her clients towards finding transformation at all levels of their lives, for happier and more fulfilling lives [ for themselves and those closest to them]. This wide and varied exposure to Business, Career and Family, add depth and balance to her work as a Hypnotist and Clinical Hypnotherapist. She is also a Certified Reiki Master and, offers Pastoral reflections, based upon her own life experiences and training towards helping others achieve their own, instinctive, goals and deepest wishes.

Transitioning from the Business world to Hypnosis, as a vocation, was a very easy choice on the path to sharing transformation with others. In one of her recommendations for Hypnotherapy School, made by a book publisher in California, it was written that Suzanne had all of the qualities required of a devoted Hypnotist and that she had been practicing hypnotherapy without even knowing it: it had been a natural way of life in always wanting to share comfort and, bring out the best in others. She later learned that, she had been, naturally, harnessing the skills of a “walking hypnotist” … before she attended Hypnotherapy school, without even realizing it .

Suzanne was trained at the Hypnotherapy Academy of America in Santa Fe, New Mexico, under the direction of Tim and Heather Simmerman. The Hypnotherapy Academy of America is, by reputation, the top school in the United States of America for Hypnotherapy training and, one of the top three in the world — with programs that are incredibly proficient and, technically accurate in delivering understanding of the clients’ issues and, the safe and effective use of Hypnotism as a transformational tool, using hypnosis and meditation to unlock the vast potential of the individual to uncover their truest potential and happiness. The intense nine week accreditation program covered 450 classroom hours and, required at least an extra 40 hours of practicum and research each week, by the individual student. In addition to the Certification Course that required students to successfully pass the certification exams, Suzanne elected to take additional courses in Clinical Hypnotherapy for accelerated healing and pain control, learning and practicing “hypnotherapeutic psychoneurophysiology techniques using the mind for pain erasure and accelerated healing” [quoted from the Hypnotherapy Academy of America course description]; Natal Regression; Past Life Regression and; the Hypno-Beginning ™ method of natural childbirth.

It is standard practice that clients with, known, medical conditions will be required to provide, written, approval from their medical practitioner(s) prior to any work in Hypnosis.

Suzanne operates her Hypnosis practice in West Palm Beach, Florida, with clients as far away as Arizona, Maryland, Virginia, Maine, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

A deeply caring and intuitive Hypnotist and Life Coach in Florida. It is said that” Suzanne has a way of seeing people through the Divine: the perfect creation in everyone”. – Rev. Eric Carr, 2007. Her wide experiences in Business add depth and balance to her work as a Hypnotist and intuitive Hypnotherapist.

Membership Affiliations:
American Council of Hypnotist Examiners
Fellow, International Board of Hypnotherapy
International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association