A Natural Journey

Issue: Death, Dying, and Bereavement; Weight management

The first time that I met Suzanne was on the telephone. I had called her with the recommendation of my psychotherapist. I was in a very bad state of mind and, very depressed since the death of my only son, seven years earlier. Suzanne talked with me for a while and asked me to do a spiritual exercise with someone special, that was just amazing.

After that, I had my first Hypnosis session with Suzanne, for ninety minutes. I had never been hypnotized before, but, I believed in it 100%. It was planned that I would have two sessions. My first session was beyond belief! After the hypnosis induction, I was sitting in a beautiful garden with my son who has been deceased for over seven years. Sitting together by a beautiful pond with magnificent tulips and nature around us. He told me that he was fine, riding his motorcycle, and going trout fishing in Georgia – something that I was familiar with as his mother, and that Suzanne could never have known as a stranger to our lives. He told me that he wanted me to be healthy and happy, and that when I was complete, he would also be complete. I cannot express how I felt when I left Suzanne’s office that day. I felt free again, close to my son, and realizing that our love and spirits never die, and, that he is always with me. After that first session, I was alive and free to live again in aliveness: I was able to enrich my marriage from which I had been detached from the time of my son’s death; be with friends again in having fun; walking the entire mall, without having to get back into the car to go from one section to another; and, making many other positive lifestyle changes. I could laugh again.

After that first session, the next Sunday, I was able to go back to the church where we had our son’s funeral mass – something that I had not done for seven years. I was able to attend my grandson’s First Communion, in that church the very next weekend. My life began again. I had stayed in my bedroom for seven years, leaving only to go to work. I did not even tell my therapist this and, after I told her this, she referred me to Suzanne. After being hypnotized, I was set free. I could live my life again.

I continued with Suzanne for weight management, and my husband noticed the changes in my weight and lifestyle changes after the first hypnosis session for this. I continued sessions with Suzanne and had lost one dress size and one bra size within one month of beginning this program. Only a few months later, I have reduced my weight by fifty pounds, and continue to be, and feel, healthier as I lose more weight. Suzanne has taught me so many things that I practice every day. It has been a long journey which I will be on, joyfully and in learning, forever. I will always miss my son, but, my thoughts are now happy, positive, comforting ones and, I can now move on with my life. It feels good to live with aliveness again: to happily enjoy my marriage and family, be with friends, take long walks in the fresh air again, and I have even enrolled in training to be an assistant at the local Hospice facility in my area to be able to help others who might experience what I have gone through before Hypnosis with Suzanne. I have also begun to study metaphysical and scientific methods of transformation and healing and, enrolled in a hypnosis training program to further my own interests in helping myself and others, in the future.

Suzanne, thank you for being the special person that you are.