A Natural Journey

Issue: Accelerated healing and pain control

Some four years ago, Glenn was diagnosed with a life threatening condition and his family called in that Friday morning, for, what the doctors thought, was the “last” time. Many prayers were shared and as asked, I prepared a Clinical Hypnotherapy therapeutic script and sent it, electronically, to the ICU where Glenn was, so that his partner could read it to him as I was, simultaneously doing so, remotely from another State. On Saturday morning, within 24 hours, Glenn’s condition had reversed, and improved so significantly, that his doctors, schedule major heart bypass surgery for two days later. In a happy phone call to me on that Saturday morning after her initial first phone call to me, Glenn’s partner shared that his doctors could not explain what happened and why Glenn’s conditions had positively reversed, within 24 hours. This is a letter that I received in August 2010, from Glenn who is in magnificent health and leading an active and fulfilling life style. The power of prayer and the strength of Clinical Hypnotherapy therapeutic scripting to guide the subconscious mind towards transformation, are as important and complementary to all of the medical support and love that was being shared with Glenn at that important time in his life


In a rare serious moment Mark Twain, one of my favorites, said “Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.” I have been both deaf and blind, yet I have experienced the kindness of your thoughts and prayers each and every day over the past four years, Suzanne.

It is true I should have written a long time ago, but as they say, “better late than never”. Maybe I deferred this note of thanks because I wanted you to know that your help in my time of need was not short-lived. Then again perhaps I have simply been focused on everything grand around me, forgetting those who helped make it so. Please understand that this is not the case.

A thousand mile journey starts with a single step. Mine began four years ago when I stepped into the lobby of Maine Medical Center. There I was soon to learn that my life’s end was near for”there was nothing else they could do”. Yet here I am, the product of a great surgeon and hospital? Certainly. But without the thoughts and prayers of people like you, I doubt that I would have survived. Your meditations that continued long after my discharge meant so much; your powers infused healing and provided a comfort that permitted me to mend. My journey continues thanks to you.

All you have done for me has been an overwhelming success, and I owe you a piece of the happiness I now enjoy. Whatever you do, keeping doing it! I would thank you from the bottom of my heart, but for you, Suzanne, my heart will never have a bottom; and if gratitude is the memory of the heart, I will remember your healing with every beat.