A Natural Journey


Issue: At The Point of Giving Up On Life

Here is my testimonial from my heart. I did write more but wanted to keep it simple:

Have you ever walked by a fire alarm "pull box" and read the words "In case of an emergency break glass?" An emergency was the best that I can describe my state of mind before contacting Suzanne. At the time I was seeking therapy through traditional methods. These methods were probably helping but they were not helping at the time at which I reached a breaking point. A point to where I did not believe that I could handle life at its present state.

Immediately after meeting with Suzanne, small positive changes were beginning to happen. These changes came because my state of mind changed because her methods quickly helped me put life and its "value" into perspective.

I feel very fortunate and grateful to have received help from Suzanne.


Issue: Anxiety and Fear of Public Speaking

OK, well here's my personal story. I suffered from minor anxiety issues for 8 years! I couldn't speak or read in public. Whenever it came time to speak or read in public I would feel like collapsing. This is because my body and mind was adapted to creating fear and anxiety in these worthless situations, almost as if it were instinctual. So I got fed up with my anxiety and went on a search for a cure. So I meet a wonderful Hypnotist named, Suzanne Haik-Hynes, at A Natural Journey, llc Hypnosis Center. We went through a hypnosis session which felt as if I was sleeping, to tell the truth. In the session we went into my subconscious mind in order to get to the root causes of my concerns about these things. In the end, after uncovering some of the possible early underlying reasons for my anxieties, and reviewing my personal characteristics, we came to a true conclusion, that I am smart, articulate, brave, and have much to share with others. We have a purpose and there's is nothing that can bring us down. This is what needs to be going through our minds 24/7.

So after the therapy I felt like I made no progress, but was NOT going to give up. Whenever an, "I can't", came to mind. I immediately changed it to an "I CAN", as Suzanne had guided me. So I practiced it for a couple of days and then had to face my fear. The second I heard that I had to speak in public, I instantly panicked, instinctively. I kept telling myself positives and kept my breathing in sync. I told myself "I am aware of my panic and I know it's something I programed myself to do by mistake. I am safe. More importantly I am smart; I speak well, I am grateful for this opportunity to share with others; I am brave; and, many other true things. This was very easy because I have practiced it for a while, and now trained my self to believe it!! So when I got up to speak I was calm and the idea of panicking vanished.

It was great to know that I'm in control. This is a practice that will ultimately become a walk in the park. I do still feel the panic at times, but I am in control and can make it come and go as I wish. It is only fair that this process takes time, due to the reason that I had, unrealizingly, programmed my mind for such a long time. What we NEED to do is constantly feed our self "I can's" and other positive statements. This sounds too simplistic but it's the truth, we are able to keep feeding ourselves positives, until ultimately it becomes an, automatic, subconscious act. Almost like breathing, but breathing is also important. I found breathing to be a huge contributing factor to overcoming my anxiety.

I hope this helps others because this realization helped me. We have the power to change our minds and ultimately our live. But CHANGE is the hardest thing we can do, but it's vital for a better life and future.

Charles Weiss

Issue: Insomnia

Suzanne is professional, competent, and gentle in her approach.

Lori N.

Issue: Family dynamic and business-related conditions

Suzanne is the one you need, don't even try to find anyone else, and I am speaking by personal experience, she saved me and my family, in all clarity, she is an angel. Thank you Suzanne.

Roxy M.

Issue: Relaxation and transformation for Lymphoma and related conditions

Suzanne, I have had you on my mind also. I had the best news yesterday. PET scan compared to October's could not pick up any sign of the bad lymph cells. I am so happy a miracle has happened. I am most grateful for you help and the continued Peace and wellness I feel. The other day I was thinking about something and it occurred to me that I had not been doing my work on healthy, happy cells etc. Well I touched my thigh and sure enough got my thinking back on track.

Jean H.

Issue: Present life behavioral situation uncovered in Past Life regression.

Issue: Present life behavioral situation uncovered in Past Life regression. Its accuracy was confirmed through post session research

Suzanne met every expectation I had and more. She truly has a gift.

George L.

Issue: Death, Dying, and Bereavement

Suzanne is an outstanding professional who is experienced and knowledgeable – with abundance of compassion & love. She earns her clients' trust and respect – she is ethical, upbeat and beautiful! Suzanne helped me so much during my sister's late stages of cancer and after her passing. She is a blessing to me.

Yami Martinez
Orange County, California

Issue: Accelerated healing and pain control

Some four years ago, Glenn was diagnosed with a life threatening condition and his family called in that Friday morning, for, what the doctors thought, was the "last" time. Many prayers were shared and as asked, I prepared a Clinical Hypnotherapy therapeutic script and sent it, electronically, to the ICU where Glenn was, so that his partner could read it to him as I was, simultaneously doing so, remotely from another State. On Saturday morning, within 24 hours, Glenn's condition had reversed, and improved so significantly, that his doctors, schedule major heart bypass surgery for two days later. In a happy phone call to me on that Saturday morning after her initial first phone call to me, Glenn's partner shared that his doctors could not explain what happened and why Glenn's conditions had positively reversed, within 24 hours. This is a letter that I received in August 2010, from Glenn who is in magnificent health and leading an active and fulfilling life style. The power of prayer and the strength of Clinical Hypnotherapy therapeutic scripting to guide the subconscious mind towards transformation, are as important and complementary to all of the medical support and love that was being shared with Glenn at that important time in his life


In a rare serious moment Mark Twain, one of my favorites, said "Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see." I have been both deaf and blind, yet I have experienced the kindness of your thoughts and prayers each and every day over the past four years, Suzanne.

It is true I should have written a long time ago, but as they say, "better late than never". Maybe I deferred this note of thanks because I wanted you to know that your help in my time of need was not short-lived. Then again perhaps I have simply been focused on everything grand around me, forgetting those who helped make it so. Please understand that this is not the case.

A thousand mile journey starts with a single step. Mine began four years ago when I stepped into the lobby of Maine Medical Center. There I was soon to learn that my life’s end was near for"there was nothing else they could do". Yet here I am, the product of a great surgeon and hospital? Certainly. But without the thoughts and prayers of people like you, I doubt that I would have survived. Your meditations that continued long after my discharge meant so much; your powers infused healing and provided a comfort that permitted me to mend. My journey continues thanks to you.

All you have done for me has been an overwhelming success, and I owe you a piece of the happiness I now enjoy. Whatever you do, keeping doing it! I would thank you from the bottom of my heart, but for you, Suzanne, my heart will never have a bottom; and if gratitude is the memory of the heart, I will remember your healing with every beat.

Glenn Kersteen
August 27, 2010

Issue: Accelerated healing and pain control

In December 2008, I was scheduled for my first ever surgery, for a condition that had persisted for many years. In preparation for this surgery, a very detailed, Clinical Hypnotherapy therapeutic script was prepared for me and shared by Suzanne Haik-Hynes of A Natural Journey, LLC. This script was deliberately crafted to address my subconscious responses to the pre surgical processes; the many levels of the surgery; post surgical accelerated healing; and, the intuitive acceptance of my body of the new connections made within it, including my body's very positive response to anesthesia. We went through the Hypnotherapy process, with Suzanne's prepared script, about three times prior to my surgery.

I was very comfortable going into surgery on the morning of surgery where Suzanne, as agreed, shared with me her therapeutic Hypnotherapy script in the pre-operating room. At the end of my surgical procedure, my doctor told Suzanne to have me be aware of the discomfort that I would experience in my shoulders after surgery and that, the anesthesia would probably cause me to be unable to have full meals for a couple of days.

As a result of Suzanne's Clinical Hypnotherapy script and process with me, I left the hospital that day, very comfortable; without any pain or discomfort in my shoulders; and more surprising to my doctor when I went back for my follow up visit was that, within a half hour of returning home, I ate two full bowls of thick home made split pea soup, comfortably [unaffected by the doctor's concerns of these things]. It is often very unusual for anyone to eat right after surgery and general anesthesia - especially as this was my first surgical process. My doctor was very surprised that I was able to have two bowls of thick split pea soup right after surgery and that I regained full functions, immediately after surgery. Within a week, I was feeling healthy and comfortable, and, able to leave for my training programs in Japan. I was even comfortable and healthy enough to lift my luggage at that time.

Richard Neves, Ph.D
December 2008

Issue: Death, Dying, and Bereavement; Weight management

The first time that I met Suzanne was on the telephone. I had called her with the recommendation of my psychotherapist. I was in a very bad state of mind and, very depressed since the death of my only son, seven years earlier. Suzanne talked with me for a while and asked me to do a spiritual exercise with someone special, that was just amazing.

After that, I had my first Hypnosis session with Suzanne, for ninety minutes. I had never been hypnotized before, but, I believed in it 100%. It was planned that I would have two sessions. My first session was beyond belief! After the hypnosis induction, I was sitting in a beautiful garden with my son who has been deceased for over seven years. Sitting together by a beautiful pond with magnificent tulips and nature around us. He told me that he was fine, riding his motorcycle, and going trout fishing in Georgia - something that I was familiar with as his mother, and that Suzanne could never have known as a stranger to our lives. He told me that he wanted me to be healthy and happy, and that when I was complete, he would also be complete. I cannot express how I felt when I left Suzanne's office that day. I felt free again, close to my son, and realizing that our love and spirits never die, and, that he is always with me. After that first session, I was alive and free to live again in aliveness: I was able to enrich my marriage from which I had been detached from the time of my son's death; be with friends again in having fun; walking the entire mall, without having to get back into the car to go from one section to another; and, making many other positive lifestyle changes. I could laugh again.

After that first session, the next Sunday, I was able to go back to the church where we had our son's funeral mass - something that I had not done for seven years. I was able to attend my grandson's First Communion, in that church the very next weekend. My life began again. I had stayed in my bedroom for seven years, leaving only to go to work. I did not even tell my therapist this and, after I told her this, she referred me to Suzanne. After being hypnotized, I was set free. I could live my life again.

I continued with Suzanne for weight management, and my husband noticed the changes in my weight and lifestyle changes after the first hypnosis session for this. I continued sessions with Suzanne and had lost one dress size and one bra size within one month of beginning this program. Only a few months later, I have reduced my weight by fifty pounds, and continue to be, and feel, healthier as I lose more weight. Suzanne has taught me so many things that I practice every day. It has been a long journey which I will be on, joyfully and in learning, forever. I will always miss my son, but, my thoughts are now happy, positive, comforting ones and, I can now move on with my life. It feels good to live with aliveness again: to happily enjoy my marriage and family, be with friends, take long walks in the fresh air again, and I have even enrolled in training to be an assistant at the local Hospice facility in my area to be able to help others who might experience what I have gone through before Hypnosis with Suzanne. I have also begun to study metaphysical and scientific methods of transformation and healing and, enrolled in a hypnosis training program to further my own interests in helping myself and others, in the future.

Suzanne, thank you for being the special person that you are.

Fran Eberhardt
August 2009

Issue: Substance abuse & academic improvement

A year ago, our family was facing a crisis with our 14 year old son. He had entered high school and fell in with the "wrong crowd." He had experimented with cigarettes, alcohol, and marijuana, and his grades were rapidly falling. We had tried grounding him, taking away the video games and phone, going to family and individual counseling, but nothing was working.

My son spent two hypnosis sessions with Suzanne Haik-Hynes. At first, he was very resistant to try hypnosis therapy, but he willingly went back for the second visit. He was able to improve his sense of self-worth and self-confidence, and realized that he did not need to waste his time on people or habits that were not beneficial for him. Since his visits, he has a new group of friends, and he received six A’s on his final report card last year!

Amy Y. and son
April 2008

Issue: Weight Management

I have fought weight issues since the birth of my first child sixteen years ago. I have tried Weight Watchers, the South Beach Diet, the Atkins Diet, the cabbage soup diet, and more. Whenever things in my life were going well, I would "reward" myself with extra treats, and if I was facing a difficult or stressful period, I would "comfort" myself with more food than I wanted or needed.

I finally decided to try hypnosis with Suzanne Haik-Hynes. After two sessions, I was able to lose fifteen pounds in a matter of eight weeks. I learned to visualize how I wanted to look and feel. My experiences with hypnosis were very positive, relaxing, and beneficial. I became healthier, happier, and more energetic.

Amy Y.
March 2008

Rev. Eric Carr

As a Hypnotherapist myself, I only choose the best when I want to work with a peer on one of my own issues. And, as a minister, I only work with people of the greatest integrity. Suzanne is certainly one of the best, and I trust her completely. She has an amazing ability to radiate love, understanding, wisdom, and compassion, transforming every session into a true spiritual experience. Every time I work with her, I feel like I have touched the face of God. Words cannot express Suzanne's special gift - and what a special gift she is to us.

Rev. Eric Carr
March 18, 2007