A Natural Journey


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Introductory Phone Call

20 minute introduction to hypnotherapy during which client’s needs are determined.


First Session

The first session addresses the needs and issues of the client and develops rapport.


Two Subsequent Sessions

Addresses further needs of the client


Three Subsequent Sessions

Addresses further needs of the client


Skype or Phone Session


Weight Management Package

Eight private sessions. Allows clients to reframe their beliefs and projections about themselves and life and enter a new relationship between themselves, food, and lifestyle experiences in order to reduce weight and inches, keep it off, and maintain a consistent, ideal body weight, shape, lifestyle, and relationship with food and drink. Process addresses exercise, diet, food habits, and lasting body, mind, spirit balance.


Weight Management Group Class

Follows the format of individual package within a group. Classes are conducted by Dr. Barry Shenkman and myself. Please call for scheduling.


Custom CD

Developed for client’s specific needs


Smudging Fan

Please call for availability and pictures.