A Natural Journey


William Abraham, MSc

Suzanne is a dynamic hypnotist. She is creative and very supportive to her clients. She is a professional empath and a powerful woman.

Sue Bowen, LCSW, CAC.

It has been an honor to refer clients and friends to Suzanne for deep levels of healing that traditional psychotherapy cannot access. She treats all who meet and work with her with the highest level of respect, knowledge and expertise all along their road together with her. To find this level of professionalism and spiritual integrity is rare indeed. Highly recommend!


Franklin McDonald, MS, BSc.

Suzanne is a very competent, confident and accomplished professional with wide experience in Risk Assessment, Scenario Building, Contingency Planning, Emergency Coordination, Post Impact Evaluation and Recovery Processes! She is an excellent team player, but is also very comfortable in taking the lead. She has outstanding oral and written communication skills and a sharp eye for details.

Sue Bradley

“Suzanne is a rare gem! If you have the fortune to be in her presence as a client, colleague or friend you will be blessed! Suzanne's professional standards are of the highest integrity. She is honest, open, respectful, authentic and wise beyond her years. Her words and actions come from a place of love and a deep spiritual knowing. I highly recommend Suzanne to anyone who is genuinely wanting to move forward on their journey in life!”

Suzanne is a dedicated professional who holds her clients well being as her highest priority. She is a true intuitive healer who will guide and support you on your journey with respect and honesty. It is a pleasure and an honor to know her.

Marla Abraham, MA

I have known Suzanne to be a most caring and compassionate individual. She is a highly skilled and knowledgeable Hypnotist and demonstrates the highest integrity. I would gladly recommend her

Sheree Wu

Suzanne was kind enough to provide her story for me to write in the book "Angelic Force." The Chinese version of the book became a best-seller in Taiwan. Many readers told me that they were deeply touched by Suzanne's honestly stated story. Ever since we worked together, Suzanne and I learned from each other in the path of realizing ourselves and helping others lead a mindful and joyous life. We shared the learning periodically. She learned Taoist philosophy and experienced the practice through me (and my Master in Taiwan.) I became more advanced in the healing arena thanks to her priceless discoveries. I highly recommend Suzanne's spiritual awareness and practical healing approach.

January 2011