A Natural Journey


DSC02116 (Large)A Natural Journey, LLC. client services include: smoking cessation; weight management; trauma reversal; relaxation; self hypnosis; hypno-birthing; chronic pain management; insomnia; pediatric issues (nail biting, bed wetting, etc.); IBS; accelerated healing; pre and post surgical hypnosis as a natural adjunct to healing; public speaking; habit release; phobia release; sports and academic enhancement; finding your self worth; set and achieve goals;eliminate procrastination; financial success; exam preparation; natal and past life regression; journeys to your own inner sacred space …

Please call today to set up your free 20 minute introduction to the benefits of Hypnosis. All medically related conditions require the written approval of your medical practitioner prior to our work together. I look forward to meeting you … Suzanne Haik-Hynes, MBA, BA, CCHt.